During the Second World War, American GIs came across to Europe and brought with them a very new dance craze. Rock and Roll Jive and Jitterbug were very new phenomena for this side of the water, and the French grew very fond of this new partner dance, especially the ladies!

Post war, the GIs had returned home, but their passion for dance left a profound mark on the continent. The French girls had a fiery new passion, and since they had lost their American counterparts, it was down to the French men to take the reins! Over time the dance became far less prescribed and more social and improvisational. It developed easy footwork, was danced to a range of different music genres and developed the name 'French Nightclub Jive'; people would dance at parties, jive at clubs, meet new people and couples dance with their partner.

36 Years ago, James Cronin attended a Debutant ball in France and witnessed this social jive phenomenon. He was impressed by the easy dance style, simple dance moves and social atmosphere. He quickly learned the basics and returned home to the UK to start the first ever UK modern jive social classes at his University.

Post uni, James returned to London, and began social jive dance nights in the Porchester Hall, where he met Janie, who soon became his wife and dance partner. Together, they produced a cabaret team and branded the dance style 'Ceroc', from the French 'C'est Le Roc' or 'This is rock'.

The first official Ceroc Modern Jive class was open to the public at the Buzby Club on Tottenham Court Road. Over time, James and Janie's dearest supporters moved away from London, but didn't want to lose their dance fitness classes that allowed them to meet new friends and meet partners.

Thus the Ceroc Modern Jive Franchise structure was formed. Friends and relatives spread around the country, and with them spread the good word of Ceroc Modern Jive, teaching dance lessons in all areas of the UK.

Ceroc Modern Jive can be enjoyed at over 250 venues across the world.

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